Melissa Sigmund ENT

February is American Heart Month

What better day to talk about your heart then Valentine's Day! Join Dr. Melissa Sigmund as she talks about the link between your ears and heart!

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New Building Update

The architectural details of the new ENT & Allergy Associates, S.C. clinic are coming to life! With the building exterior nearly complete, the time, energy and expertise applied to the material selection process is proving to be a worthy investment.

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12 Days Of Christmas - 11

Dr. Thielman- "My favorite thing about the Holidays is creating lasting memories with my family and friends."

12 Days Of Christmas - 10

Dr. Fisher- "My favorite Christmas memory is eating cherry pie every year on Christmas Eve. My birthday is on Christmas Day, so my parents always celebrated my birthday the day before. I LOVE cherry pie, so every year instead of cake, my parents bought me a pie to celebrate!"

12 Days Of Christmas - 09

Dr. Sigmund- "My favorite Christmas memory is the day I became a mom. Exactly three years ago today, my husband and I welcomed this sweet little boy, Henry, into this world.

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12 Days of Christmas - 08

Dr. Sewall- "My favorite Christmas memory is waking up with the weight of a stuffed stocking at the end of my bed. And now passing that tradition on to our daughters’ Christmas experience has added to the memories."